Team building

The most valuable asset of a company remains in its team.

Difficulties faced by veterinary companies are various :

  • Operational more than managers: vets, regulated profession, cannot delegate visits and animal care, they are responsible for the production of the service and the turnover… which does not let them as much time as necessary for company and team management
  • Shareholders…without leaders ? – no organization chart, executive director or president. Even when shareholders organized the division of labour between them, co-management and unanimous decision making remains…which often leads to no decision at all !
  • An autonomous team: veterinary assistants and employed veterinarians, are autonomous after a few months. This does not mean that they are not waiting for positive or negative criticism, more complex missions for their experience, to make them progress, be proud of them and strenghtentheir implication and motivation… Team meetings and annual interviews play that role and it is important to take time for this…

Examples of intervention

  • Organisational audit
  • Implementation of post description and annual individual interviews
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Remuneration policy
  • Facilitation of team meetings

We adapt our interventions to your company and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more informations !