Practice Management

As a practitioner, your are a specialist of animal health, medicine, surgery, imaging…

Also you are an entrepreneur, which may not be the easiest part of the job and you may not give it as much time as you should.

You are looking for solutions to integrate more business into your activity, it will enable you to manage your company in a proactive way.

We offer :

  • an external point of view
  • financial, strategic and marketing skills
  • a project management methodology
  • an experience of the managing change for veterinary companies

… to help you build concrete actions and support you for its implementation !


Support the development of the veterinary company

The acceleration of change requires companies such as veterinary companies to ensure a regulatory competitive intelligence, to anticipate changes, to think about the future and to adapt to those changes in order to be able to be proactive… 

The Internet development, Services Directive, the Law on the future of Agriculture, the new Veterinary Ethics, oblige all the market actors, laboratories, distributors as well as veterinary companies, to rethink their strategy and their mode of operating  :

  • Strategy and organization
  • Trade policy
  • Mode of supply, relations with suppliers
  • Definition and promotion of the services’ offer
  • Customer relationships

The changing environment must be seen as a way to get new opportunities and not be experienced as a constraint!

Our areas of intervention :