In a really competitive context, when customers-patients (animal owners) became consumers, willing to make the good choice, to spend the right amount of money and to get the best service at the best price (which is not the less expensive!), practitioners have to call things into questions, see if their offer is pertinent and right, identify their advantages and disadvantages, have clear objectives and find the way (financial, human, organizational aspects) to realize it.

All of this means, that it is necessary to define a strategy and an action plan allowing to bring the company to the realization of the goal set before!



Examples of missions

  • Turnover  stagnation– how to revive growth ?
  • Turnover goes up while profit go down– How to improve profitability ?
  • New competitors – How can I keep my customers and secure my position? How must I position my activity and differentiate from my competitors  ?
  • Collaboration with my close competitors – Do we have to create an IEG ? merge companies ? invest in a common venture ? 
  • Preparation of a retirement – How can I make my customers attractive for its disposal ?
  • Customer development policy – Do I have to invest in a new clinic ? new equipments? with what return on investment ?
  • Tax and asset optimization – Do I have to change the company form?

Our proposal for accompaniment

  • Analyze the current situation, the « savoir-faire » and the elements to be improved in a financial and value creating approach
  • Help you design a professional project with a strategic view
  • Identify and build , with you, concrete and operational solutions
  • Draft indicators to manage the activity and the project’s progress
  • Use in the course of the project this scoreboard as a compass and progess tool
  • Support you in the use of this tools all along the project to allow a sustainable profitable growth for your veterinary company.