Project management and long term support

Meeting a consultant for a brief mission (diagnosis, audit, internal or external communication…) does not always allow practitioners and their organization to benefit fully from the expertise and to implement in depth the actions and/or recommendations establlished jointly…

Daily work, customers and emergencies take over and that may be difficult for the managers to capitalize on the work realized to implement quickly the first actions, which is the only way to maintain the momentum of the mission, or, in the contrary to keep that ryhthm for a long time in order to go to the end of the project (and see the impact of it).

Implementation of a support mission in the time with phone calls, mails and meetings on site allows to validate progress made, to identify possible difficulties to overcome it, to support and train all the team in the changing period to increase the desired results.

Example of the farm consulting development

The precise knowledge of the job and the sector of activity of the client is what gives credibility and legitimacy to the consultant. Practitioners have that legitimagy to play that role but for taht they need to build that conculting dimension from their scientific background, from their skills and their experience.

It means to get from the «savoir-faire» to the «faire-savoir» (make know how to do it).

The first step identified by vets who want to use part of their time to develop consulting consists in building a service offer and to make this all concrete thanks to a brochure or a website. This first step represents an important investment in terms of time and money which is not to be underestimated.

However, that step only represents the first phase (preparation) of the project because then it is necessary to communicate, promote and SELL this service offer to the clients. That is the approach vets are the less familiar with !

A beautiful brochure, well presented on the counter or sent by mail to the farmers does not guarantee at all that customers will come and buy consulting services and that the development of your new activity will meet your expectations…

Being supported and trained for that second step will facilitate the implementation of the strategy.