Implementation of dashboards

Who would step into a plane whosse pilot would have no information about the altitude, the direction, the speed, fuel level or the presence of other planes on its way?…

It is not possible not to have any dashboard to manage a company !

However, in most cases, veterinary softwares and accounting are untapped source of information.

  • Identification of the core clients (top ten)
  • Quantification of the number of active and inactive customers, of the turnover rate of the customer
  • Measurement of the number of visits and the average basket
  • Outstanding customer analysis
  • Support in the organization and configuration of your veterinary software (customer family, type or field of acts, products, etc…) – identification of the most relevant statistical information
  • Support in the reading of accounting documents (balances…) to be able to manage it in real time (allows to follow the year-end result anytime and several months before the end of the year)