Client assessment

As a buyer or potential assignor, being supported allows you to preserve your interests, to keep empathy at the assignor or the buyer (« between vets »), to concentrate on the aspects you know more (customers, equipment, service offers…) but also to benefit from the experience of an expert who knows the profession and the market in a global approach of the project which is not only financial.

Diagramm - Taschenrechner - Kugelschreiber

Assignor Mission

We supported colleagues or their family for the transfer and/or customer assessments or shares (SELARL…) during disputes between shareholders…

Common mission – to adapt according to the circumstances and your needs

  • Customer and/or shares assessments
  • Identification of a buyer profile, support during the writing of an ad, research strategy…
  • Preparation of a summary report or a presentation file for the possible buyers

Buyer Mission

We supported many colleagues in their association or acquisition projects.

Common mission :

  • Customer and/or shares assessments
  • Drafting of a realistic business plan (validation of the transferor or its chartered account assumptions)
  • Coaching during the negotiation phase and management of the transfer
  • Accompagnement en complément des conseils, avocats et expert-comptable, dans le montage juridique et financier
  • Preparation of a presentation file to seek a financing from a bank