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Il n'est pas de vent favorable
pour celui qui ne sait où il va (Sénèque)

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Animal health expertise

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Outside view and guidance ,
keys of your success

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For equine veterinarians


For pratices involved in animal production

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For small animals practitioners


Because we live in a world
of communication


Because you are not alone on the market


Because our , your customers are connected

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Bring along
by an expert in your industry




Something Else is a consulting company specialized in Marketing & Strategy Animal Health. Our areas of expertise are in particular:

  • Strategy
  • Regulation
  • Financial audit
  • Client assessment (sale or acquisition)
  • Business plan (creation, customer grouping, external growth, housing project…)
  • Implementation of dashboards
  • Project management and support in time
  • Optimization of the organization, quality of service
  • Team development (recruitment assistance, job descriptions, individual interviews …)